Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Save the Santa Tour!!!

Help! SOS! SOS! My neighborhood has a tradition that every year at christmas time, Santa comes around in a fire truck towed by a pickup truck. They play music and get the kids out of their houses into the wet cold snow and give them oranges and candy canes! Yeah! Go Santa! Sadly though, if our community can't get enough members and enough money, we can't continue to do it!! No!!!!! To reach our goal of 700 members, we need 200 more!! I guess I'll go door to door, put on a puppy-dog-sad-lonesome-child face and ask for money!! That'll work! Teehee!



  1. Piper - you remind me sooo much of Stargirl (whom I adore). Glad to see your blog up and get an insight into your perspective.