Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Puyallup Fair

On sunday, we went to the Puyallup Fair. We had tons of fun there. We watched, not rode, all the rides and decided which ones would make us throw up. We played some pretty impossible games and also decided which ones weren't worth it. I won a plastic, inflatible hammer for hitting the "hammer-hitting-game-thingy" only one inch high. I also won a little green stuffed animal frog for fishing out a yellow fish! We ate Crusty-pups and cotton candy and even some roasted corn on the cob! Yummers! By the end of it we were way past sticky!!! Thank god for hand wash stations! Speaking of hand wash stations, we also saw some pretty cool farm animals!!! We went inside a barn and saw a whole lot of goats.

Small goats:

Big goats:

Goats being milked:

Disabled goats:

Hungry goats:

Actually, pretty much ALL of them were hungry....
We also saw some rabbits, lots and lots of rabbits. Big rabbits:

Tiny rabbits:

Even hairy rabbits, I mean like really, really, fuzzy!


  1. Hi Piper, Wow that is one disabled goat!
    Great pics, hon!

  2. Piper - we haven't been able to read your blog in Syria with censorship... Great fun. Yvette and I are now in Bolivia and are enjoying a greater degree of connectivity. You should definately talk your parents into coming down here with you for a month to hang out and learn Spanish in Sucre with us... It is quite a place.