Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Puyallup Fair

On sunday, we went to the Puyallup Fair. We had tons of fun there. We watched, not rode, all the rides and decided which ones would make us throw up. We played some pretty impossible games and also decided which ones weren't worth it. I won a plastic, inflatible hammer for hitting the "hammer-hitting-game-thingy" only one inch high. I also won a little green stuffed animal frog for fishing out a yellow fish! We ate Crusty-pups and cotton candy and even some roasted corn on the cob! Yummers! By the end of it we were way past sticky!!! Thank god for hand wash stations! Speaking of hand wash stations, we also saw some pretty cool farm animals!!! We went inside a barn and saw a whole lot of goats.

Small goats:

Big goats:

Goats being milked:

Disabled goats:

Hungry goats:

Actually, pretty much ALL of them were hungry....
We also saw some rabbits, lots and lots of rabbits. Big rabbits:

Tiny rabbits:

Even hairy rabbits, I mean like really, really, fuzzy!

Doggy in Distress!

My dog, Stella, is three and a half years old, I think. And in her old age (ha!) she has had something, I don't know WHAT though, growing on her foot. Ew. So she has been limping for a while now and we've taking her into the vet. They found out what it was and treated it by putting a HOT PINK cast on her left foot. This she chews on and will soon be unwound ,so over the cast, we have fitted a very flattering, knee-high bootie.
Very stylish!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Save the Santa Tour!!!

Help! SOS! SOS! My neighborhood has a tradition that every year at christmas time, Santa comes around in a fire truck towed by a pickup truck. They play music and get the kids out of their houses into the wet cold snow and give them oranges and candy canes! Yeah! Go Santa! Sadly though, if our community can't get enough members and enough money, we can't continue to do it!! No!!!!! To reach our goal of 700 members, we need 200 more!! I guess I'll go door to door, put on a puppy-dog-sad-lonesome-child face and ask for money!! That'll work! Teehee!


Chickens for a Child?

Hey again, It's me! Alright, so my family took a trip to England back in July and visited a friend of ours. She owns 10 chickens, count 'em, TEN. I really liked feeding them weeds and dandelions and dock and I absolutley LOVED looking for eggs in the morning, especially when they were still warm. The hens were all so cute and nice (except for one that always stole the other hens' food) I also thought the taste of the scrambled hen's eggs were delicious, they were so fluffy and yummy. They were definitely better than bought eggs. By the end of the 3-4 days, I knew all their names by heart and had decided that we were going to get chickens (well at least that I wanted them, I'm still trying to convince my mom and dad!) The cage in the picture was taken when it was smaller then when we last saw it. Now it is twice that big with two of the coops on either side. There is a door that you go into to hang cabbages on strings from tree limbs. You can stick weeds through the chicken wire and collect the eggs through the wooden coop's door. I really want to go back again soon and play with the chickens, they were really cool. Either that or we can get two or so!! Just not ten! haha!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Other Cool Blogs

Hey everybody! Just got back from school! I wanted to thank you guys for my first follower: Robin B. !!!! My mom! Follow her at http://red-apple-elegy.blogspot.com/ and post some comments!!! Also follow my dad at http://eff-stoplocal.blogspot.com/ and look at some of his cool photos!!!

Go to those blogs now!!!! Why are you still reading!!! click click click!!! haha!


Monday, September 14, 2009

Me, Myself, and I

Hey everybody, I am Piper and I am really happy to have this new blog! I really like to write and talk and I thought having a blog would be a fun way to express my ideas. Right now I am really into music, dancing, singing, drawing, writing, movie making and photography. Recently I had my camera stolen so I don't have anything to take pictures with except my mom's camera, and I won't have it with me all the time, so that's kind of a bummer. Despite that, I am ready to go out there, find some cool things and show them to people so they can see that too. Now that I just got back to school, I won't have much time to post new ideas but I'll do my best! I think that I am very colorful (teehee) and hyper lots of the time. My favorite animals are alpacas and hedgehogs! When I'm with my friends I always feel better because I can laugh and talk openly with them without having people judge me. I also like to listen to music on my ipod and write books (well, one day they'll be books) to pass the time. So far I have started two pretty decent books and about 2,000 "OK" ones. I have a dog, 2 cats, a kitten and a lizard. I like to cook and bake, especially pies and cookies, but mostly I like the eating rather than the baking (teehee). I have some pretty cool things for you (whoever you are) to look forward to such as a new way to write a diary, and some new ways to decipher dreams!

Look forward to it!!!! -Pippi