Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chickens for a Child?

Hey again, It's me! Alright, so my family took a trip to England back in July and visited a friend of ours. She owns 10 chickens, count 'em, TEN. I really liked feeding them weeds and dandelions and dock and I absolutley LOVED looking for eggs in the morning, especially when they were still warm. The hens were all so cute and nice (except for one that always stole the other hens' food) I also thought the taste of the scrambled hen's eggs were delicious, they were so fluffy and yummy. They were definitely better than bought eggs. By the end of the 3-4 days, I knew all their names by heart and had decided that we were going to get chickens (well at least that I wanted them, I'm still trying to convince my mom and dad!) The cage in the picture was taken when it was smaller then when we last saw it. Now it is twice that big with two of the coops on either side. There is a door that you go into to hang cabbages on strings from tree limbs. You can stick weeds through the chicken wire and collect the eggs through the wooden coop's door. I really want to go back again soon and play with the chickens, they were really cool. Either that or we can get two or so!! Just not ten! haha!


  1. If your parents were good parents they'd let you have chickens of your own. I'm just sayin'.

  2. I'm just sayin' I ain't cleaning no cotton-pickin' chicken litter box.

  3. "Cotton-pickin' chicken litter box."

    Damn, boy, have you ever considered a career in poetry??!!! (Just sayin'.)